About E-Fizz

At E-Fizz, we are serious about making a fun, fizzy product, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to mixing up new and exciting flavours that balance tangy flavour with sugary sweetness and a delicate mouthfeel. We were initially inspired to create E-Fizz by the uninspired offerings we found in many vape shops, and the lack of a fun and vibrant product that could deliver on flavour and price without boring you.

So many other vapologists are either dedicated to serious flavours with tasting notes and recommendations longer than your phone’s user manual, or making the same, unoriginal ‘fun’ flavours, like dozens of others. If you’re not looking for something new and vibrant, content to puff on that Blue Raspberry with a nasty artificial aftertaste, then E-Fizz isn’t for you.

But if you’re looking for a new and exciting vape experience, then we have the E-Liquid for you. Our range of E-Liquids has something for all tastes, from the sweet Fruit Salad, to the surprisingly fizzy and refined Sparkling Champers.

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